Political crisis looms as motions pile up to grill Kuwaiti premier

Frequency of probe requests signal a fiery confrontation ahead between the government and parliament

Two lawmakers in Kuwait on Sunday filed a motion to grill Prime Minister Shaikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Hamad Al Sabah.

The two motions to grill the prime minister could signal a fiery confrontation between the government and lawmakers that could well result in the dissolution of the parliament.

Lawmakers Shuaib Al Muwaizri and Riyadh Al Adasani said that their grilling motion covers one issue and seven points related to the general policy of the state.

The parliament will discuss the motion on April 25 at a plenary session.

The motion is the second to be filed against Shaikh Jaber in four days.

Relations between the government and the parliament have been tense since November following the election of the lawmakers and the nomination of the cabinet ministers and the usual political honeymoon was particularly short.

Several lawmakers had attempted to reverse most of the decisions embraced by the outgoing parliament, claiming they did not serve the interests of the people.

Compromises between the lawmakers and the government were struck to avoid sliding the situation towards standoffs and the grilling of the prime minister.

However, when the parliament last week rejected an opposition proposal to amend the law to bring the right to revoke citizenships under the Administrative Court, some lawmakers decided to go ahead with their grilling motions.

The government could merge the two motions into one, especially if they have common points.

The government could also refer the motions to the constitutional court to assess the compliance of some of the points raised with the constitution. A negative answer from the country’s highest court would void them.

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