This Is The Best Time To Exercise To Lose Weight

Everything has a time, and getting the best results also depends on the same and so is the case with workout. Yes, there is a right time to exercise as well. Keep in mind that exercising at the right time can help you fetch better and more effective results, of course, with consistency as the key. So now that you have been researching so much to check for the best time for workout, relax, you just checked into the right place for answers!

Your motivation to exercise and sweat it out in the gym is quite driven by the timings you choose. You may feel that it is important to choose that hour of the day which suits your entire schedule and does not mess with other important tasks of the day. Some may choose late evening hours for workout after completing all tasks of the day and some may opt for morning hours.

But ideally, the best time for workouts is early morning hours. There is a reason for this too. Though you may feel that evening hours are more energetic, these hours can adversely affect your night diet trend and increase your calorie intake. As a result, you end up harming your workout plan.


The key to getting the best results from your workout is choosing a time when your body is energetic and mind is motivated. Yes, they both go hand in hand. When you are both physically and mentally prepared for working out, you succeed in getting the best results from your workout regime.
Why is morning hours the best hours for workout?

Experts say that morning hours are the best hours for working out. When you exercise in the evening, your adrenaline levels are quite high and the mind is active due to which you find it difficult to sleep. Now if you exercise in the morning, it would instead work in your favour by keeping you charged up for the day.

Now the ideal time slot is not scientifically stated, so you can choose any time slot for yourself early in the morning. It also depends on the kind of exercises you choose. For instance, if you choose weightlifting, you need to ensure that your mind is energetic enough for it. So practicing it in the evening will not be quite beneficial because your mind will be active throughout the night due to rigorous workout. However, if you practice cardio in the evening, it will be beneficial because your body will be drained of energy and the brain would be exhausted and hence you can sleep well. Just ensure that you do not eat too much after that.


A morning workout session is beneficial in a number of aspects. You get an empty gym to yourself, you would not have to wait for your turn, you get ample time for your social life and it keeps you consistent too. However, if your body is not adapting to exercise on an empty stomach, you must switch to an evening workout session.

Besides this, keeping a tab on your diet is also important. On a fixed workout plan, you must not eat too much. Both workout and diet are important parts of your fitness plan. So for s noticeable change, you must be steady and consistent with your fitness regime.

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